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Framing is an Investment

When framing a piece of artwork it is important that you look for longevity. Can framing be expensive? Yes, but when framing a valuable or meaningful piece of artwork, you want it done properly.

Look at framing as an investment for your artwork and yourself. You want your artwork to look just as good in 50 years as it does now. If you have a nice piece of artwork, the frame should complement it. Artwork is timeless and investing in a quality frame means that the artwork can be passed down from generation to generation.

How High Should I Hang My Picture?

You’ve finally got your picture framed and are ready to hang it! One of the most common questions is: How high should I hang my picture?

Shouldn’t Pictures be Hung at Eye Level?

Most people think that pictures should be hung at eye level, but that’s not always the case. Not everyone is the same height and every room is different. For example, in a living room pictures may be hung lower because people are most likely sitting down.

Hanging Pictures over a Bed or Couch:

When hanging pictures over a bed or couch, it’s important to make sure that the picture is sized appropriately to your furniture. The picture should take up about 2/3 the size of the furniture and the bottom of the frame should be 8-10” away from the top of the bed or couch.

Hanging Pictures in a Hallway:

Hanging pictures in a hallway can be a challenge because everyone has a different eye levels. In a hallway, the center of the picture should hang 60” to 66” from the floor. This height can always be adjusted depending on the size of the room or the other décor around the picture.

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How To Create a Gallery Wall

Step 1: Choose your Wall
When creating a gallery wall it’s important to choose a wall that best fits your gallery theme. The best place for a gallery wall is an open and bright room so that each individual picture can be seen and admired. Avoid placing galleries in hard to reach areas where viewers can’t get a closer look.

Step 2:
Picking Frames

In a gallery, not every frame has to be the same. What’s fun about making a gallery is that you can be creative! Keep in mind that depending on the type of pictures, the gallery may flow better if all the frames are similar.

Step 3:
Plan your Gallery

Planning a gallery can be difficult, but before you decided to hang any pictures, it’s important to lay your gallery out on the floor, by doing this it will give you a better idea of what your gallery will look like on the wall.

Step 4:
Hang It!

Now that you have determined the layout of your gallery, it’s time to hang it! If you don’t like your layout after you hung your pictures, you can always rearrange your gallery with Gallery Magic™! Once your gallery is finished, take a step back and enjoy!